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8 September 2014

insp!re’14 features corporate queen turned foodie entrepreneur

Theresa Gattung is back in the CEO’s seat, in the rapidly growing business she co-founded with fellow member and serial...
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12 August 2014 founder proves she really is the busy womans bff

From strength to strength is an apt description for the current tech start-up of a seasoned entrepreneur, whose latest evolution...
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12 August 2014

Frances Valintine to meet Richard Branson

Co.OfWomen member, Frances Valintine, will fly to Capetown to spend a week at the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship after winning...
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women who’ve been there & done it, adding to our success. hell yeah.

sept = new sales programme will to make you a pro

sept 24 = programme for growth focused biz owners

oct 7  = next monthly key issues sessions free to members

nov 5  = major event gathering entrepreneurial thinkers across NZ